SF Randomness

When I travel, I always have a camera on me and lately, it’s been a toss up between the Mamiya and the Leica. The only time I really carry my digital camera with me is if I am going to shoot a bike, or a shop, but in general, all my travel photos have been film. Which creates an overflow of randomness from each city I visit. Most of which don’t merit a post just by themselves. See some narrated photos of faces and places in the Gallery! Hey, if I don’t post them, they’ll sit on my hoard drive…

  • Angelo Medina

    Ramon’s bike is raaaaaad

  • Richard Carle

    Is #17 Portra 400? Awesome Colours!

    • http://theradavist.com/ John Watson


  • ZianStudios

    I bet Nicolette is a babe–always had good luck with that name.

  • http://vimeo.com/johnscottharris Scott Harris

    Veddy nice.

  • Baler71

    Hello Lyndi

  • Ion Feldman

    Loving all your SF posts!

  • http://coffeeandbikes.cc/ Cooper Ray

    nice set. more stuff like this.

  • Jamie McKeon

    that sausage dog cracks me up

  • Harry Major

    I really enjoyed this set!

  • http://www.cycleexif.com/ Adam Leddin

    Hey @johnprolly:disqus, how do you then scan them? Desktop or at the bureau?

  • http://www.dsicle.com DSICLE

    Levi is the greatest!