The Ty Divide Jun 11, 2013


One of my good friends and someone that’s come to represent fun times, Ty from Golden Saddle Cyclery, is getting ready to embark on the Tour Divide. For those who aren’t aware, the Tour Divide is a solo bike race from Canada to Mexico along the great dividing range. The word “adventure” gets thrown around a lot these days, but I can assure you, this is a fucking adventure. If you haven’t watched the documentary, Ride the Divide, I suggest you do so!

This is a life-changing ride, something that Ty has been preparing to undertake for over a year and I am stoked for him! Follow him on Instagram, wish him luck and be sure to ask him lots of questions. He loves questions.

  • Adam Valdez

    Awesome! Which bike is he using?

  • Matt Long

    Good luck. What a great adventure. Ride the Divide is a must see. Netflix has it.

  • quesofrito


    • John Watson

      Manuel for Speed

  • hans

    good luck man. see you on the flip side!

  • T.Go

    Isn’t he a fashion model? (kidding)

    • John Watson

      Yeah, he’s taking a break from modeling to ride.