The Great Escape: Serious #Alpvibes Jun 10, 2013


If you’ve been following the Great Escape, you’ve watched E and S take on the Alps with their touring bikes, loaded down with camping equipment. I love following their rides and still check in on their Tumblr every day and it wasn’t until seeing this photo that I realized there hasn’t been a plug for a while.

Check out that bike… Most importantly, check out that seatpost. Whatever E is riding, it looks pretty boss.

  • cincinnatus

    Kinda Looks like the Specialized CobL GobL without the Zertz insert. Bouncy Bouncy!

  • Eli

    I want a CobL GobL but I’m worried its going to be a CobL BobL.

  • Jake Beadenkopf

    Yeah, CobL GobL was my first thought