Garrett Chow and His FEA Specialized Venge

I’m still filing through all of my film photos from the 2013 ATOC but wanted to share with you a few showcasing Garrett Chow and his own FEA-inspired Specialized Venge. Without going too much into what an FEA model is, or Finite Element Analysis, I’ll give you a basic rundown. In a 3D software like Solidworks, an FEA charts the areas of high-stress or load. FEA readouts are essential when prototyping a new frame or component. They allow the designer and the engineer to address areas of high stress.

On a bicycle, these areas tend to be in the bottom bracket, seat mast or seat tube extension and the end of the forks. Garrett used the FEA diagram to become a literal paint sceme on his bike. Some areas have clear lines of demarcation, while others are almost faded into each other. It’s a truly incredible paintjob and the whole time we were walking around the San Jose stage of the ATOC, people were literally picking their jaws up off the ground.

I shot a few portrait-style photos with Garrett on his bike and maybe one day I’ll end up shooting it in more depth, but for now, check out a few more below.

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

  • nathan ong

    those shoes! thanks for sharing john

  • betterwithpesto

    Yo, nice meeting you at yellow jacket yesterday. The dynamic range on medium format is so huge! Look at that blue sky.

    • John Watson

      Ditto! Yeah, the exposures look great.

  • Peter Lewis

    Bad. Ass. Related mathematics for all you math nerds (I can’t be the only one, right?) –

    • Tucker


  • CJ

    That bike is hot! But I´d change the name (“fea” means “ugly” in Spanish).

    • Alex Spishakoff


  • Scott Harris

    the tiny mash sticker on his computer. details man… details.

  • The_Palooch

    Surprised this isn’t under Beautiful Bikes

    • John Watson

      It doesn’t reallllly matter, it’s categorized under both.

  • Hurtin’ Albertan

    The Venge is ugly, that paint is ugly, and I am fucking in love with this bike!

  • Bjoern Merz

    And “One-Off” white Shoes!

  • Albert Lagunas

    Is this the fixie dude who was trying to drop Lance Armstrong? Haha. Campy Super Record, wut! It’s been a long time since dem dayz.

    • John Watson

      Yeah, he worked for Specialized developing products and paint schemes for a few years.

      • jordan

        Do you know what saddle pouch that is?

        • John Watson

          look again real close. It’s a spare tire and a toe strap.

          • jordan

            Haha! Very clever!

    • Conrad

      You kidding me? Super Record is equipped on Colnago’s C59 this year in the Tour. Putting that on a Specialized Venge? That is another question altogether Never heard of that.

      • Albert Lagunas

        The limited edition Sinyard Venge (more limited than the McLaren Venge) gots Campy Super Record EPS. As for my comment, I just meant that it’s a long way in terms of component choice to be rocking something classy and spensive (super record) vs what I last saw Chow on (a wacky pursuit frame with a 650 front wheel). In any case, Chow’s got great taste.

        • Conrad

          That makes sense. As far as putting Super Record on a Venge, I guess you would have to offer that option if you were trying to make it more expensive than the McLaren Venge.

  • Arnie

    What are the shoes that he has on?

  • aro

    Literally picking their jaws up off the ground. Were they though? Haha, nice bike

  • Tucker

    I’ve been coveting the MASH Histogram jersey for a while. Finally cracked and ordered one after seeing this bike. Can’t wait!

  • jordan

    what saddle pouch is that?