Traitor Cycle’s 2013 Crusade Disc Cross May 15, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Traitor Cycles but this is nice return! Introducing the Crusade disc:

“For 2013 the Crusade is going to disc only for braking options and features a new custom dropout system we designed to run gears or singlespeed. We will have two sets of dropouts available, one set with a derailler mount and one without for a cleaner singlespeed look. The nice thing about the new dropout system is that singlespeed racers can now run a rear wheel with a QR and can pop their wheel in and out without having to re-tension the wheel.

The Crusade continues to have internal full length cable routing for the rear brake for a clean look and ease of shouldering the bike. The framesets will be available mid to late summer and will retail for $599 for the frame and fork. The frame will feature a Race Butted Founderland Seamless Chromoly for the frame material.”

See more detail photos below.





  • Ben Ahrens

    mmmmmmmm I want to see that thing DIRTY.

  • Joel Anderson

    Looks nice, but every traitor fork I’ve seen has cracked under normal use on the street…worries me a bit.

    • Robert Kurtz

      Just out of curiosity, have these Traitor forks been bmx, track, road, cx or fgfs? And by every traitor fork, how many do you mean?

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      there was a recall, look into it

  • Dan Rezaiekhaligh

    How you feeling about those discs? Never used em myself and most people I’ve talked to said regular old canti’s are better on trail and street. I’m only on street.

  • Ahab

    I’ve ridden a lot the local XC trails on my Ruben with the same fork with no trouble. Nice to see an update from these guys. Really happy with my bike.

  • erratic_hobbyist

    Lost me at disc only :(

  • Mister Dangerpants

    Yowza, great color.