Kinoko Cycles Looks Amazing! May 28, 2013



As an architect, I can really enjoy looking through photos of the new Kinoko Cycles space. I’ve always wanted to design a complete bike shop, from the floorboards to the millwork and it looks like the designer went to town on the buildout. As part of any successful project, photos are of the utmost importance and the shots on the Kinoko Flickr look great. One day I’d love to check out the space in person!

See more photos here.

  • beetard

    you are an architect? what buildings have you designed?

    • John Watson

      I went to architecture school and worked in NYC for 6 years and here ya go:

    • Sean Curran

      ha, best question ever (as a fellow architect). John, that space you worked on looks pretty amazing, good work!

      The kinoko space (and also the branding) looks great, also my dream job, I think some day I will need to open a shop to do it though.