Jeff’s Factory 5 F550 Track

Last month’s tour was one of the best months of my life. China was, albeit a bit taxing at times, incredible and that’s all thanks to the crew at Factory 5. One of those dudes is Jeff and this is his no frills Factory 5 F550 track bike. Bare aluminum, black components and my favorite rims, this bike is clean!

I have to admit, it’s my favorite from the group and that’s mostly due to the utilitarian nature of the setup. Sometimes, there’s risers and a front brake, other times, compact drops. The gear range is spinny and as Jeff proved by smashing it up some serious climbs, he’s well equipped for anything…

  • allcaps

    Is that how archetype’s look when the brake track is worn?

    • John Watson

      Yes, like a normal rim. Did you expect something else?

      • allcaps

        I didn’t know there was a machined brake track under the black anodising, haven’t seen the rims in person yet. i was suprised they ‘wear out’ so clean. do you like these better than belgiums?

        • John Watson

          Yeah, they machine them and then finish them. Pretty rad. I actually do. Haven’t had the best luck with Belgiums as far as resistant to denting (mostly off-road on rocky terrain).

    • Patrick Murphy

      It’s cool – just sharpie them after every ride. Good as new.

  • Chris Williams

    who makes that seat post? i can’t makeout what it says

    • John Watson

      Miche Supertype

      • Chris Williams

        thank you :)

        • Dustin Hubbard

          they’re prone to violent failure, just a heads up. probably why you don’t see them much anymore.

  • Ernesto Gonzalez

    Great build! did you hand-brushed the frame? If so, did you put some coating to protect it?

    • Tyler Bowa

      Yes it is hand brushed with a clear coat

  • hannibal chew

    Great looking bike. John, you’ve nailed it with the simplicity of it all.

    Out of interest, what ratio was he running?

    • John Watson

      48:17 maybe?

    • Tyler Bowa


  • David Bernard

    Greetings. This bikes look great. What are the rims please ??

    • John Watson

      H+Son Archetype

  • Devin Jones

    woundup fork would set it off!

  • SAM

    That stem is crazy, I’ve never seen a thomson with a wedge like that. Old? Prototype?

    • Wade Schultz

      Last generation Elite, before they went back to a traditional steerer clamp and made a two bolt pattern faceplate for the road X2.