MelburnOut: Never Let a Mate Ride Your Bike Apr 22, 2013

Photo by Andy White

… and this is why. Well, ‘Straya, it’s been fun. After my flight got canceled yesterday, I’m leaving today, so the site will be dormant for a few hours. Andy from FYXO will be posting more photos of me ripping his brand new BT track bike (with a black Shamal!) soon…

  • Daniel Gypsy Licastro

    bootleg sessions australia.

  • Alex Yan

    Did you see the drop bears here?

    • John Watson

      Drop Bars Not Bears

      • Jamie McKeon


  • Aaron Garcia

    Dear Prolly,

    Please make PinP desktop wallpapers available.


  • Jake Ricker

    Absolute perfection.

  • Cole


  • dgmtc

    #STTB Share The Track Bike

  • SpeedyWheels

    Oh man. If they made BTs in my size…

  • Ian Stone

    What jeans are those?

    • John Watson

      Edwin London Skinny

  • Gavran/Fjord

    so much win here

  • Ryan Combdon

    what did you think of those Patebury Straps?