Northside Wheelers 3-Speed Suicide Porteur

Malachi’s Northside Wheelers porteur is one of the best examples of how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a classy ride, just a little creativity and insight. It doesn’t hurt to have Danny Hale of Shifter Bikes on your side though…

This bike is very similar to Dan’s own singlespeed porteur (which was stolen last year). It’s a Taiwanese frame, painted matte black but has some sneaky detailing. A coaster brake keeps the bike’s silhouette clean, while a Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub aids in scaling Melbourne’s hills.

How the bike shifts is one of the most clever details: a Campagnolo downtube shifter is mounted to the seat stay, allowing Mal to “suicide shift” this sleek beauty. Other details include a Northside Wheelers saddle, crafted by Mick Peel of Busyman, pinstriping on the hub / rims, pink nipples, Campagnolo Strada cranks and custom painted fenders. It’s a sleeper! See for yourself in the Gallery.

  • Aaron Garcia

    Dat custom-painted Nexus. Balls.

  • Jack Luke

    No lock rings on the tubes? I disapprove.

    I jest, it’s a lovely ride. Much appreciation for the sensible chunky tyres.

    • John Watson

      Gotta shave them grams, breh.

  • Victor Tvrdy

    Aaaaaaah, those cranks. Just broke my pistas :( miss them a lot.

  • ZianStudios

    This is one sleek sexy ride. Info on that rack?

    • John Watson

      Velo Orange

      • TomBremer

        Every time there is a front rack that I like it’s always that Velo Orange!

  • Ace Metric Cycles
  • Graeme Devine

    What are the bars?

    • ZianStudios

      Look like flipped and turned risers to me

  • Mr_Bridge

    Pure class, I love it.

  • Cliff Horton

    What’s the downtube shifter mounted to? Custom braze-on?

    • John Watson

      It’s a simple modification and I was asked to keep it a secret.

      • ap

        why would they want to keep it a secret?

    • Wade Schultz

      Looks as easy as drilling a hole through the stay, using a longer fixing bolt for the shifter, and matching the stay’s diameter with the closest backing insert meant to match the profile of a round down tube. If only we had a rear quarter shot that showed the inside of the right stay…

      • John Watson


      • ZianStudios

        fucking nerd

  • fred

    Put a… bird on it?

  • Chris Pollack

    Wow, this thing is so awesome!

  • Miles Away

    Are the bars VO Postino’s?

  • rupert tapper

    What is that Chainring ? Assuming that is 144 is it a cycle underground special ?

  • Kent Moos

    What rack is that?!

    • John Watson

      Velo Orange