Steel Magazine 05 Mar 7, 2013

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The newest issue of Steel Magazine will be available mid-March and I like what I see.

Things to look for in Steel 05:┬áDeath Spray Custom, English Two wheel specialist custom artist, french artist ┬źLucky Left Hand┬╗ Steven Burke, American filmmaker Lucas Brunelle, photographs of london rider Greg Falski, an exploration in the┬á world of vintage cycling, analysis of the design and the commuter wear, the ┬źthe Way I Roll┬╗ videos by Peter Sutherland, or the mountain rides of the French RocknRollin team members, not to mention the fashion series by Jean-Pac├┤me Dedieu, Ronan M├ęrot, Pierre Dal Corso and Fred Margueron, as well as still life of Fran├žois Jorez, Louis David Najar and Pierre Mahieu.

Steel Magazine

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