Seabase: Galibier Mar 14, 2013

It’s been a while since Patrick Seabase put out a video but it was worth the wait. The climb is serene and shit gets real around the 4:30 mark. Black metal and track bikes will always get a rise out of me. Well done man.

  • Adam Carter

    sickness and drama. wicked.

  • Chris

    Did not need a voiceover.

  • Christopher Craft

    I thought the voiceover was fine, actually. Good video!

  • naisemaj

    Beautiful climb, I was going to take tomorrow off from riding, but after this i’m thinking that I probably can’t.

  • Simplicityofjoy

    …love it! He is pure inspiration for me!

  • Wilis Johnson

    Fucking Perfect!

  • Tucker


  • landerzio

    Twelve hours climbing FIXED the Galibier change the tyre after some sSkKiIIdDsS, YOYOYO and down. Great Hip JOB, MAN.

    • Guest

      12 hours?

  • Matthew Long

    that was sick. 4:30 make had me sweating. inspired.

  • Richard Dreyer

    Fuck yes

  • David Dakdakk Tripoli

    Seems a little silly to me, track bike for the track or city sure but not really suited to a mountain.

    • johnston666

      That’s the point though isn’t it.

  • Jason Wilson

    Would have been better with Black Metal.

  • Alessandro Trevisan

    any hint on the frame make?..

  • Analord

    it would be better with Liturgy as a backround :P

    • John Watson

      No it wouldn’t, they suck.

  • larry

    Id really like to know about hte frameset as well.

  • Larry Miller

    What frame????????????????