Birds of a Feather

Since I’ve known Ian at Icarus Frames, he’s been tinkering on this motorcycle in between frame jobs. When Tracko was visiting, we swung by his shot in South Austin to catch up. Kyle wanted to shoot some photos and I had my camera, so I figured what the hell. I keep telling myself that I want to photograph this bike digitally and so I never shoot a full side profile of it with film. Kyle got a good shot of Ian riding it in his back yard and there’s a few older photos on my Flickr as well. One day I’ll go and do a proper photo shoot of this moto.

Until then, check out more in the Photoset and I even shot some of Chris’ new road frame before it went off to paint.

Leica M7
Leica Summicron 50mm f2
Fuji Neopan 400

  • juan lopez

    This set was so alive! Awesome!

  • Gregory Ralich

    Great t-shirt.

    • Kathy Gritz

      you should see what’s underneath

  • Owen Laracuente

    it started again!!!  must have been a warm day…-0

  • imagehunters

    Nice one this is! 

  • Matt Rennick

    Looks rad – heavy Shinya Kimura influence here… in a good way…

  • Adam Leddin

     Reckon its even more California Speedway than Shinya, Just as much a work of art!

  • JP Bevins

    What a handsome man that Ian guy is.