In Stock: Flag Hatchet and Mini Viking Sticker Pack Feb 15, 2013



To prepare for the 2013 NAHBS, I made a re-up of the popular Flag Hatchet stickers. Since there was extra room on the sheet of clear vinyl, Sticker Robot sneaked in these little 3/4″ Mini Vikings with the Stars and Stripes overlay. Each pack comes with (5) Flag Hatchets and (5) Mini Vikings.


  • Tucker


  • Tucker

    Got em!  These will look great on the Main Street :)

  • Ian Stone

    Snagged a pack! So stoked!

  • Wade Stevens

    5 … 4 …. 3 … 2 ….

  • Sean Smith


  • Michael Lopez

    I wish we could just pick em up in austin so you don’t have to ship em.

  • Trevor

    Score!  I will now be decorating France!

  • Bruno Moreno

    You should make some purple die cut raido viking stickers.

    • James McKeon


  • Keivan Orozco

    …and they’re gone.

  • Chris Pollack

    Maybe i’ll be able to snag some stickers for my Hoveround in 2064…

  • Karl Schmidt