Bruce Gordon Cycles: Rock n’ Road All Terrain 700c Tire Feb 4, 2013


If I still had a touring bike (sigh), these would be on it for sure. The Bruce Gordon Cycles Rock n’ Road all terrain 700c / 29r tire is back in stock and all I can think is “put them on the cross bike”. Made in Japan by Panaracer, so you know they’re worth the money!

  • Bryan VanArsdale

    Will your cross bike fit these?

    • John Watson

      Probably. We’ll see!

      • Bryan VanArsdale

        I ordered a handful from Bruce today. A pair to try and a pair to sell. If I like them I will be keeping them in stock.

        • John Watson

          I got a pair coming for the cross bike. If they don’t fit, I’ll save them for the Geekhouse touring bike or put them on Lauren’s new Porteur.

    • John Watson


  • the endless groove

    frame bags
    ultralight is mo fun atmo

  • Hans

     “put them on the cross bike” fuck yes! my rock lobster is being built around these things. so stoked. i hope they are as supple as rivendell branded jack browns (also panaracer built)