Blowing Through Them Red Lights… Feb 21, 2013

Oh man. Thanks for the email Jeff! This might be slightly NSFW.

  • Chris Freeman

    God, this is awesome

  • Vincent Shim

    omg I’m rolling on the floor!! hahahaha

  • Brandon Knaff

    this is a joke post right?

    • John Watson

      no way man. that guy is fucking serious! Look at all his tattoos.

      • Vincent Shim

        send him some hatchet stickers please 

        • Harry

          Hatchet sticker tattoo, stickers aint shit for this mang

  • Cody Baker

    This makes me want to start driving a car again

    • Jose Vega

      your loss 

  • andy

    loving the N.W.F. shirt, I’m only guessing at the meaning but if i’m right, hilarious. you have some in stock John?

    • Fabian Garcia

       NIGGAS WITH FIXIES!!!!! ahhahahahaha

  • Jose Vega

    lmao! this was great.  

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Oof, how many times did he use the F word?

    • John Watson

      what, fixie?

  • 904 Fixed

    This is just embarrassing.

    • John Watson

      No way. This is comedy.

      • 904 Fixed

        Fixed gears are so over.

        • John Watson

          Fuck yer fixie, breh.

          • 904 Fixed

            Thank you for this though. Seriously too good.

          • John Watson


  • AJAustin

    I feel like this is what Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are like.

    • John Watson

      Not the mountains where us red bearrrrrded brothers can crash about and drrrrrink the finest mead.

  • Greg R

    I’m just sad to see things between him and his new bitch aren’t working out.

  • Eric Munson

    Alright I’ll say it. You’re disrespectful.

  • Matt Good

    Sorry dudes, I’m hyped on this. 

  • Jamie McKeon

    uuuugh i couldnt finish it.

  • BicyclePaper Seattle

    Best band since Rusted Root!

  • Sze Chun Chan

    I have to say that this video was the best part of my day besides bacon.

  • Tyler Hansen

    downloaded his whole fixie mixtape 

  • Tyler Hansen

    hey at least he has foot retention 

  • Tucker

    I’ll vape to that

  • Prince Racster

    this is fun as fuck everyone should just ride and have fun and listen to fun hip hop fixie songs

    • JBall

      I second this

  • Alan Dunagan

    but for real, the content of this jam is definitely better than the content of most jams in this particular genre. right?

  • RoninPowride

    His album is called Fixie Music.

  • Chris Pollack

    Second time this has been brought to my attention, not cool.

  • Crihs

    LA in a nut shell.

  • Lemontime

    Sure are a lot of cars going around them..

  • Owen Laracuente


  • zeeeeeeecore

    this made my day!

  • Douglas Patrick Gigowski

    It’s good, but it’s no Chumbawumba.

  • Sneakerguru562

    wow :/  I really don’t know what to say….