Sticker Robot Interviewed Me! Jan 17, 2013


When it comes to getting durable, high quality vinyl stickers made, there’s only one place to go: Sticker Robot. I’ve been getting my clear vinyl stickers made there since the beginning and they are a very hot commodity. For those who always seem to miss out. Good news! More are on the way. I just ordered a re-up from them, which prompted the almighty Zoltron to interview me about PiNP, stickers and yes, bourbon in 10 simple questions.

See the interview here at Sticker Robot.

What was your favorite clear vinyl sticker I made? Any in particular I should bring back?

  • Anthony DeLorenzo

    Bring back the orange beard viking!

    • Gregory Ralich

      Just found one in an old drawer of mine! I love those too but have had so many over the years- you want it?

    • Jamie Mac


  • Tucker

    Flag Hatchet!  Also the shirt.  Thought I ordered one in Liz’s size and mine, but messed up and only got hers.

    • Jon Bekefy


  • Greg R

    flag hatchet! 

  • Marius Šilinskis

    Would be great to see all viking designs.

  • Robert0321

    Orange bearded viking! And the black Raidô one as well.

  • Tony Fast


    • John Watson

      Miss you too, buddy!

  • Benjamin Provillard

    The Black classic one would look killer on my Superb shiny frame !! :-)

  • Jamie Mac

    Even though you have rebranded / changed the viking, those OG orange ones are still my favorite. A deep orange version of the current Viking could also be awesome. I think ultimately you either need to create a poll with options (facebook maybe?) or offer a ‘pack’ with a variety of old and new vikings.

    Would be a tonne of effort but I think that’d be the crowd pleasing option.

    • Spencer Olinek

      Yes. Viking multi-pack.

  • Aaron Garcia

    I want one that just says PROLLY. But don’t get a big head now.

  • Eric Souza

    how about one that says “prolly is not probably” in a similar text as the sttb decals. also, bring back the orange beard stickers

  • Ian Stone

    I think you should just stock tons of the following. Make sure their vinyl cuts instead of the clear border crap.

    Matte Black
    Orange Beard

  • M∆TT R£Y£S

    this is rad