Safe Travels, Partna’ Jan 28, 2013


Vacations in Austin are rad. Both for my visitors and for myself. I get to show my friends around town, go on rides, eat good food and in doing so, we all get to relax a bit. Having your blog shit the bed the day before you leave town is stressful and owning a bike shop is even more stressful but I think Kyle had a great time in Texas.

Expect lots of 35mm shots and stories to be told over the next few weeks here on the site.

Safe travels!

  • Rheo Sibal

    I was wondering what was up. What happened to his blog?

    • John Watson

      Dreamhost sucks

  • Jack Luke

    That bike has my complete approval. Hot stuff. 

  • Hans

    now that’s what camo is supposed to look like! (ramblin roll…..)

    • John Watson

      That’s just a different type of camo. The other WWII US Army camo Ramblin Roll is freaking rad.

      • Hans

        goddamn right. i need mine in hunter orange though

  • Bilsko

    I’m headed to Austin for a weekend in March – looking forward to getting out for a couple quick rides. Not enough time to merit packing up my ride – was just planning on an LBS rental. Shop suggestions / good source for ride routes? Maybe 2-3 hr ride on Sat. then the same again on Sunday.  Leaving from Downtown. 

    • John Watson

      You can rent bikes from Bicycle Sport Shop or Mellow Johnny’s. If you’re flying Southwest, JetBlue or Frontier, bikes are $50 and worth it. Email me when you’re here.