Merckx Mondays Jan 14, 2013


Even though I have two awesome road bikes, part of me still misses riding my MX-Leader. Sure, they aren’t the lightest of bikes but they ride like none other. Even after parting with mine, I based both of my custom road bikes on its geometry. But this one’s got a history behind it. I rode this bike while I was in Australia last year and loved it. So when I saw Andy was parting with it, I got all pensive and contemplated buying it for a second.

This is one beautiful example of a non-team issue paint job on a stunning MX-Leader and FYXO is selling it now. If you ride a 58cm and have been looking for one, look no further. Check out his eBay auction here.

  • lovely but the ebay auction really shouldnt say NOS or Mint, since its not, New Old Stock.

    • Condition: Used

      “The overall condition is very good with a few chips and scratches I’ve illustrated in the photos, or what Italian ebayers describe as NOS / Mint.”
      He’s not saying it is NOS / Mint, he’s saying Italian eBayers sell bikes in this condition as NOS (when it’s not).

  • miser_g
    or get this @ fixerati brussels for € 1200
    beauty if you ask me

  • Hello ! Indeed here at Fixerati, we sell all our NOS collection ! Never used, never ridden, never built. All the frames come from the former Merckx factory at Meise ( before they moved )… We have some pursuit, sloping, Cyclocross, a little bit of everything.

    If you want to see some frames that we sell, you can consult or album.

    We have more frames than in our album but some of them haven’t the fork.
    We own too 125 forks steel 1″ threaded forks.

    More info : [email protected]:twitter .com