Boneshaker Winter Alleycat Jan 31, 2013

Colorado seems to be the place to be for alleycats this year. Here’s a video recap from the Boneshaker Winter Alleycat. Don’t miss out on the next race from Denver Chain Chase!

Future races:
King of Colfax – February 24
Team Alleycat – April 6
Velo Smash 2: Full Moon Time Trials – May 25
Mile High Criterium – June 22
Friday Night Fury – August 30

  • Jacob Archuleta

    Do not forget the Mile High Messenger Challenge II, this has been the most anticipated race of the year.

  • Cody Baker

    Cautious Rob, no sleeves, all day ery day

  • Adam Carter

    yo, how the hell did they do that shot at the end. sickness.