These KONGA Rata Track Bikes Look Great Nov 27, 2012

These oversized tubed, fillet brazed, steel track machines have caught my eye. Antti Konga builds these bikes in Finland, which explains the name, Rata, which means “track” in Finnish. Antti doesn’t have a website yet, so check out more photos of the KONGA Rata track bike here. Really loving that set!

  • Joe Schwarz

    i hope you checked out his recycled track bike, which looks so super nice! and the 29er fixed is very awesome too.

  • Cooper Ray

    crown is what caught my eye first:

    nice bike. im happy to see a fillet brazed steel track frame. weighs those light things down a little

    • Michael Slevin

      Clearance? Who needs it!

  • Ko Snow Studio

    o man I would love to know how much this bad boy runs im in the market for a new track frame

  • Bikeminimalism.

    Antti is a very gifted young frame builder. Big props to you for picking up on local talent from the snowy North.

  • Ron

    where can I get a seat mast clamp like this?