Cyclonesia: Cargo Cannondale Oct 1, 2012

Ippe’s Cannondale track might annoy the purists but having just put a basket on my Icarus, I can say that it’s awfully nice to not have to shlep around a backpack anymore. See more of this beauty at Cyclonesia.

  • Jason

    Would love to see the rack you put on your icarus

  • Tucker

    Riding with a backpack is almost as painful as transferring domains to a new registrar.  So glad that’s over.

  • Dustin Hubbard


    well, someone had to say it.

    • John Watson

      No. That shit is fucking idiotic.

      • Dustin Hubbard

        well, I guess he could just get a frame that fits, instead of the hipster unicorn.

        • John Watson

          You are a regurgitator of misinformation. Slamming a stem isn’t about having a bike that fits, it’s about setting your bike up to race. Not everyone races, therefor, not everyone should slam their stem. Talk to any fit specialist.

          • Kevin Mack Phomma

            slam that sandwich 

    • JP Bevins


      well, someone has to be uncomfortable

      • Kevin Mack Phomma


  • Oscar

    What rack is that?

    • John Watson

      Thought it was a Cetma, but I’m not 100%

      • Oscar

        It does differ a bit from the Cetma HALFrack.. hmm…

        • Dustin Hubbard

          ain’t no cetma I ever seen’t

  • NYinSF

    That’s a Minoura rack. 

    Just a heads up, the bracket on mine failed after about 3 weeks. I was only carrying 7 lbs at the time. Fortunately, I wasn’t going very fast so I didn’t fly over the bars. 

    Replaced it with a beefier bracket and added a “safety” bracket attached to the fork. My thought is that if the main bracket fails, at least the whole thing won’t swing down into my path.  

    • b_drum

       It’s a Gamoh rack.

      • NYinSF

        Right, I think Minoura makes the Gamoh racks.  

    • Joshua Robot

      I have two Gamoh racks and have heard of this problem but am skeptical (but worried) that I’ll experience it. When installing the bracket did you bend it in a tight radius or do anything to fatigue it? Were there any hints that this was going to happen? Finally, where did you get the replacement bracket  I would rather be safe than sorry in this case.

    • Rafiur Rahman Muis
    • Christopher Slack

      My Gamoh rack just failed this morning on my commute. All I had was a bike lock cable in the basket. I think the failure could be due in part to the amount of travel/flex that I have in my fork over bumps. The rack was mounted on a surly steamroller. It is definitely something to consider as a potential disaster! I was going ~25-30mph splitting cars down a hill in SF when the rack failed. I navigated to the side of the road as soon as I slowed down the rack slammed down in front of me and I bailed off the saddle staying on my feet. The rack was installed by a reputable LBS. Be weary!

  • autophile

    A basket on the Icarus? Let’s see it!

  • Alan De Anda

    dude, the new titanium bars and rack on your icarus look sick. fuck back pain

  • Steve

    Fuck yeah racks on Cannondales….

  • Rafiur Rahman Muis
  • Cyclonesian

    Thanks for the love, John…. *cheers

  • Bob

    Anyone know what fork that is?