More Kraftwerk in Bike Shops Sep 13, 2012

Photo by Ace Carretero

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Taken at Super Champion in Vancouver.

  • Wade Stevens

    Jackalope FTW

  • Alex Rains

    For some NSFW good times, scope the poster on the inside of Queen’s ‘Jazz’.

  • test tube ( ‘| )

    i bet they don’t even like kraftwerk and are just a bunch of metalheads.

    • Alex Rains

      I bet they like bikes.

      • test tube ( ‘| )

         yeah. and hunting animals too.

    • dfl

       You have to go to Mighty Riders for Kraftwerk

    • TonyT

       <– Metalhead that's loved Kraftwerk for decades.   And was at the MoMA "Tour de France" show (won tickets on the WV site).  Next stop, St. Vitus at St. Vitus and then 3 SWANS shows. 

  • Ace Carretero

    Thanks for showing love john!