Souphorse for Bern Aug 22, 2012

I shoot so many photos of people riding through the city that I don’t even consider this work anymore. It’s like a second nature. So when Bern asked me to shoot Billy “Souphorse” for their Interbike booth, we just headed out into the city like any other day. I’m very stoked on these photos and I can’t wait to see them printed up large at the Bern booth.

  • AJ Tendick

    That a Mission bag?

    • John Watson


    • Jacob Martin

      I believe so, looks like one of the new ones with the arkiv system. 

  • Justin Stark

    What fenders are those?

  • Souphorse

    It’s the new Mission Workshop Field Pack. Totally awesome.

  • Hans


  • Cowtown Couriers

    Great photos John!

  • battery collection

    nice to see the crud roadracers being rocked. awesome fenders, as long as you don’t like tires larger than 23.

  • CoolassMike Bowers

    I shot YOU. You need to shoot ME! :)

  • Ryan

    Good composition for the intended use.

  • Ben

    Anyone know the bike he is on?

    • John Watson

      Affinity 212