A Saddle Bag a Day it Seems: Burro’s Grenadier Aug 2, 2012

Just about every day now, a saddle bag pops into my inbox. Usually I skip over them, since I’m more of a fan of rolls (you’ve got a jersey pocket for on-the-go-access IMO), and rolls are more of a emergency flat kit but some people like to be light on their pockets, so saddle bags it is. Burro’s new Grenadier Saddle Bags mix that Florida flavor they’re known for with the on-the-go access of a saddle bag. Don’t be mistaken: this is not your dad’s saddle bag.

Pick one up here at Burro.

  • Josh Evans

    These look pretty nice. I’m in search of a replacement since I realized my timbuk2 saddle bag was made in China.

    • http://www.digicycle.net/ Tucker

      Timbuk2 should be made in Mali.  How dare they use the notoriety of Mali and give the money to China?!  Bastards

  • http://www.digicycle.net/ Tucker

    Not bad, it’s like a baby rolltop bag.  Zippers don’t last forever.

  • http://jackdiablo.com jackdiablo

    @TuckerRidesBikes:disqus exactly! these are the real deal in terms of quality and durability but what John forgot to add was that they are convertible into a hip pouch that holds a 12oz can as well! Check out the product page for more info!

    • http://www.digicycle.net/ Tucker

      beer = grenade 

  • Harry

    Ive been looking for something like this for a while now. Sucks that postage to Australia costs more than the bag itself. Deal breaker. :-(

    • http://theradavist.com John Watson

      Get friends to place a group buy.

    • http://jackdiablo.com jackdiablo

      YEAH! What John said. We are always willing to work with groups or if you have any down under shop leads that should be carrying BURRO gear, hit me up at jack@burrobags.com!

  • http://www.904fixed.com/ 904 Fixed

    Our boys. Quality hand-made in AMERICA!