Resist Nomad 28c Jul 6, 2012

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After a catastrophic blowout on my last tire where a beer and pride was lost, I headed out to my shed, La Maison de Fixie to see what tires I had in stock. Resist sent me a box of sample tires some time ago and I had completely forgotten about the 28c Nomads that were in the package. After some finagling, I managed to squeeze one on the Icarus. The tread is rather nice. You can attest to that if you’ve ridden them on your fixed freestyle rig. Skidding is consistent and aside from the blue label (drive side only), the tires are devoid of any flashy branding.

I’ve had these on for about two weeks with no issues but like all tires, the more you skid on them, the more prone you are to punctures. If you get the opportunity to, give them a whirl. Check out more details here, at Resist.

This is the first in a few posts on tires I’ll be making over the next few days, so stay tuned.

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    your bike makes those tires look huge

  • Resist Parts

    Thanks for the love John!

  • century321

    I’ve found those tires to be extremely thin and unreliable.  If you don’t care about puncture resistance than these tires are fine, but if you do then don’t bother.

    • I had them on my touring bike (R.I.P.) and got one flat. While riding (during the 250 mile camping weekend ride). I never, ever got another flat. Nor did I get any on my FGFS. 

      They are a bit thinner than say, a ThickSlick or a Rando, but I like that…

      • I agree I rode mine for months with no flats, I probably had twice as many flats with my fyxation and randos. 

      • Ultra_Orange

        Oh you could be unlucky like me and get 3 flats in a week and go through 2 tires in a month. I think it really depends more on where you are riding. And right about now I think I should just be buying tubes in bulk.

  • Spoon

    When do we get the full run-down on La Maison de Fixie? Looks rad.

    • Jerrybowles

      ^ agreed. Id like a closer look too.

  • Eric Baumann

    love me some big tires…though I always get a little worried with tight clearances in the rear on a brakeless bike (wheel slip = potential wheel jam).

  • adam toepfer

    Wait you mean their finally available?  I’ve been waiting for these for like a year.  I just bought a set of Randos too.  DAMN.

  • Guest

    tread dont matter!