Forest Parker Rides with the Chrome District Jul 24, 2012

One of my favorite riders to watch slay the fixed 29’r with grace is Forest Parker. Here’s a new video promoting Chrome’s new District backpack. Filmed by Colby Elrick of SKYLMT.

  • Guest

    he doesnt ride with it the bag is on the ground

    • Hoyais

       O RLY

  • M∆TT R£Y£S

    not a single pedal set.

    • John Watson

      So dialed.

  • crihs

    CJ already killed those ledges. #ctb

    • John Watson

      You mean #CSB

      • crihs

        eeeh cool try is more suitable.

  • Finn Zygowski

    very impressive. 

  • bartspin


  • Snow

    Smooth as it gets.