Eppy’s SL Eddy Merckx Pista

I was absolutely blown away at the number of Eddy Merckx bikes I saw while in Jakarta but the owner whose collection took the cake was Eppy. You’ll see more, later today in Merckx Mondays but for now, I wanted to showcase his immaculate Eddy Merckx SL Pista. I don’t know about you, but when I see a red Merckx Pista, I think of Andy’s MAX Merckx (which I don’t think I ever posted my photos of?). While SL is no MAX, this bike is strikingly beautiful. See more below.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Michael

    Wow- that bike is near perfect. I love that color, and the way the whole bike just fits together is almost mesmerizing.

    But let me ask a stupid question- What is Merckx? I know he was a cyclist, but I see him mentioned on PiNP all the time in a wide range of ways. Anyone mind explaining?

    • http://theradavist.com John Watson
    • Doctor_Jones_

      only the greatest cyclist of all time…no big deal

    • mwickedness


    • coppi

      the michael jordan of cycling. 

  • http://twitter.com/dagbert dagbert


  • http://twitter.com/apiqalfee ダニエル

    biike pornnn !!

  • Mmtmatrix

    No engraving on the (flat) fork crown?

    • http://theradavist.com John Watson

      SL Corsa models tended to lack those details. Corsa Extra (SLX) models had them….

  • http://www.digicycle.net/ Tucker

    Picture #3 shows a missing screw on the toe clip.  Used to happen to me a lot.
    May I recommend this solution:Threadlocker, Star Washer, Locking Washer and Nut  (be wary of star nuts and nylon nuts, they have issues)