Trackosaurus Rex: Kelli’s Affinity Kissena for Chubby Boob Jun 28, 2012

Kyle just posted up some photos of Kelli’s new Affinity Kissena, built up by the Golden Saddle Cyclery guys for Chubby Boob. I was in the shop when the box of Shimano parts showed up and she is beyond stoked to be racing this beaut at the track. See more photos at the Trackosaurus Rex jammy down Flickr.

  • word is bond

    Are those sew-up tires? Those things are kinda cool in a they’re a complete nightmare kind of way.

    • John Watson

      Tubulars, yes. It’s a racing bike. You race tubulars on the track. :-)

      • word is bond

        There’s definitely a difference between old sew-ups and modern tubulars

    • Justin

      Sew-ups are not nightmares, people who don’t know how to glue on sew-ups correctly are nightmares.

  • alex webb

    spotted last night at the encino velodrome.

    • John Watson


  • perdition

    there isn’t a lock ring on that hub! hoping there was one on the hub when she raced.

    • John Watson

      Why do you need a lock ring while racing? A lot of people prefer not to, for easy swapping of cogs and since you’re not supposed to be “skidding” while racing.

      • mike

        I dont know a single track racer, cat5 to pro who use lockrings, its wastes time swapping gears, and you will never have to decelerate hard enough to spin the cog off

        • John Watson


        • Roland

          I know of clubs in former east Germany where kids are brought up not riding lockrings because they share the opinion that fewer accidents occur this way. Cause even if someone accidentally tries to brake hard the cog comes of and one keeps moving…and swapping of course…

  • perdition

    Because a sudden deceleration could loosen the cog. Manufacturers put them there for a reason.

    • John Watson

      How do you decelerate on a brakeless track bike and why would you do such a thing on a velodrome anyway? A lot of racers prefer to ride without one at the track.

      • Guest

        I’m at the track ever week and I rarely have one on.

  • Powl

    what stem is that

    • John Watson


  • Crihs

    Cat 4 at kissena, you cannot race without a lock ring. I like this rule. AMATEUR HOUR