She’s Got The FYXO Look Jun 20, 2012

Photo by Andy White

Fyxomatosis knows that looks are everything. Polish your aluminum, glue on new gumwalls, break out the Brikos and zip up the FYXO jersey. Nice shot man!

  • CM

    you can’t ride in those shorts! your legs would chafe against the seat and the black leather would rub off on the white denim. cute but this is another photo which is about posing a woman with a bike, and not about a hot outfit that an actual person could wear riding. at least she does have cyclists’ legs. but overall: #fail.

    this is a constant problem. hot looks for female cyclists need to also be something you can RIDE in (usually true of proper kits, but the hipster stuff so often fails.) because riding is an activity that involves more than Being Looked At.

    • D.J. Bolles

       Seriously dude? I mean, when I ride it’s only so people will look at me.

      • CM

        what about this? this is the only top outlier made for women.

        where does your bag go? even a backpack, instead of a messenger, would sit on bare skin. well, i guess you only ride for about 20 or 30 minutes or you don’t carry anything. it’s useless. somehow they manage to make good looking AND functional clothes for men, though, and that’s also supposed to be the main purpose of the brand. except for women’s clothes. apparently it’s impossible to make hot clothes for fit female bodies who are actually logging daily miles.

        • D.J. Bolles

           I did see a video where the Outlier folks said that it is very challenging making women’s clothes but, most of cycling is a bit behind for women isn’t it?

        • zeeeeeeecore

          geez! someone give that girl something to eat.

    • John’s words – not mine.

      Speaking of rides, sounds like it’s time someone went for one. 

    • Tasteful Chap

      Confused how someone can find something NOT to like about this. A photo is for “being looked at” last time I checked.

    • Nvrrrmnd

      Cut her some slack, she’s a model not a rider (is she?). She has greaat tight freckles and she does have the fyxo look so yeah!! haha but u have a point, I’m a rider that rides for the cycling part, not so that people can look at me, but there are those ppl as u say!!!