Raidô Viking Stickers Now Available Jun 6, 2012

Raidô means ride or journey in Elder Futhark and now you can embark on one yourself with the new Raidô Viking stickers. Silk screened on high-quality, clear vinyl. These will last for many miles. Pick up (5) for $5 shipped in the States and $6 shipped worldwide now at the PiNP Web Shop.


  • Guest

    so. fucking. sick.

  • Ham Cycles


  • 6twenty5

    Finally got some!!!!!!!

  • Smricha2

    Hey…. unrelated, but what the heck happened to the T. Boonen photoset you posted earlier today? On a related note to that though, was that Adam Scott from Parks and Rec in the 6th pic of that set? If not, could be his twin.

  • Bruno Moreno

    It seriously blows my mind how fast things sell out. I had to wait to get home to purchase them and low and behold, there are no more. Lame.

    • John Watson

      I’m sorry dude but if I put more in stock, all I’d be doing is shipping stickers. :-

      • Jason Palmer

        Yeah, that totally sucks, but the excitement of the possibility makes the let down hurt a little less. Just keep putting them up when you can, one day us have-not’s will get our chance…. then we will hoard them, and guard them with pit bulls and booby traps, because one day they will be worth more than gold!!!!

  • Nick Thesituasian Chaing

    god please tell me I got me some..

  • :(

    ohh my god..I have the worst luck ever :(

  • dagbert

    Finally copped. Jeez, missed out like thirty times already. 

  • Harry

    Prolly hire some 13 year old kid to ship these out for you or something. Im sick of this seemingly 1 hour window of opportunity!

  • Nick Thesituasian Chaing

    I would totally be that 13 year old for him!

  • M3rz

    I got mine off ebay for 25 shipped!

    • circle one secrecy


  • Robert Alvarado

    cant belive i got them, i missed out every other time haha