Product Review: Specialized 74 Gloves Jun 15, 2012

Every time I post a photo of these on Instagram, people always ask what they are, thinking they’re some expensive luxury cycling item. The truth is, the Specialized 74 gloves are some of the best gloves I’ve owned and they don’t even scratch the bank account. They’ve held up to daily use, haven’t stretched or loosened up at all and look damn classy.  Check out more below.

One of the reasons why they have yet to stretch is because they leather doesn’t need to. When you clench a fist, these panels expand as shown. Because of this, the soft leather maintains its form and the best part is, you don’t have to care for them at all. They’re resilient.

If you’re a fan of heavily-padded gloves, you might not like these. The palm padding is very minimal, in my opinion, that’s the way to go. Your bar tape should provide ample padding. These have very small areas that double up on the leather.

At $45, they’re a worthy investment. I bought an XL and they’ve maintained their form after two months of daily use. I’ll be reviewing other gloves in the coming weeks and sadly, for this review, I didn’t have a bottle of bourbon to shoot them with…

  • Unklebikal

    Have you any experience with the matching shoes?

  • Wade Stevens

    In the market for just such a glove.
    Please compare to the Rapha and Giro, which I believe you have already used?

    • John Watson

      Giro has a lot more padding and stretches easily. Go down a size. And I haven’t owned the Rapha mits.

      • Wade Stevens

        how’s the sizing of the 74s?

        • John Watson

          True to size I wear an XL

  • HBL

    This is a very accurate review. They are easy on the eyes and very comfortable.
    Although they a are quite small. One should always go one size bigger than usual.
    I got an L which was a bit tight at first but they do stretch a little bit. Now they fit perfectly. Worth every buck.

  • autophile

    Just need to find a store in Toronto that stocks them…

  • jon schratz

    Now all my MAD MAX fantasy can come true on the bicycle!

  • Jonathan Pish

    I wear the Giro LX gloves, they’re really comfortable. I bought a size down (L) because there is a lot of thin leather that I assumed would stretch. They did stretch just enough to fit my usually XL size hands, so now they fit… you guessed it… like a glove. They’re classy as hell, the only issue is getting them off after riding. I’m afraid if I pull to hard on any part of the glove they may rip, so I have just be careful. I’d definitely recommend them to a friend.

    • John Watson

      They also have a lot more padding than the 74’s.

    • Boink

      This article is on the 74′ gloves NOT the Giro cheap Rapha knock off. Plus the Black Giro LX gloves will turn your hands BLACK!!!! Trust me I know!!!

  • Josh

    They run a little small in my opinion. I wear a medium in every other glove I’ve ever owned, but I couldn’t even fit my hand in a medium with these. Unfortunately the shop I was in only had them in medium, so I’m still on the hunt.

  • Daniel

    odyssey makes a similar glove in white,brown, and black.  Leather and like $25.

    • John Watson

      No they don’t. Those are completely different.

  • Stormy Arthur

    Looks like we will be getting full fingered in white 74s this fall.

  • Ben Voytko

    Got a pair of these on special in the spring. I don’t use any other warm weather gloves now.  I can’t handle super padded stuff, and they still have a spot to wipe your face on.

  • MaterialGuy

    Any chance they come in white, with lace panels?

  • Matthew Long

    Just got a pair.  I’m 6’5″ so hands bit larger than most. orderd xl and xxl.  went w xxl.  supreme quality.

  • Jamie

    Late to the game, I know, but I just got a pair and these gloves are awesome. Go a size up for sure.

  • Jim

    Durability update?

    • John Watson

      Still using them daily, no issues!

  • Mike

    do they bleed?

    • John Watson


      • Ashley Burgess

        Mine bleed a fair bit on very long sweaty or rainy rides. I end up with black knuckles. Still, they are the best gloves I’ve owned and have lasted me 15,000km of riding before I split a seam.