Mash SF: Cinelli and Columbus Visit Jun 11, 2012

Mike is over in Italy right now, visiting Cinelli and Columbus for a little PR&D. Not many people can say that their frames are designed in Italy, in conjunction with one of the most repsected names in cycling. I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up. See more great vignettes into the world of Cinelli and Columbus at the Mash Blog.

  • Wade Stevens

    isn’t “Columbus” Italian for “HELL YES!”?

  • Vincente

    Mass produced in China though :-/

    • Ian P Stone

       Are you going to pay the price tag for made in Italy or USA? China production isn’t as shitty with higher quality pieces.

  • dagbert

    That “designed in…” shot is really intriguing. 2013 tracko? 

  • RnR Team