Jake Ricker: SF 35mm Shots May 3, 2012

Photos by Jake Ricker

I spent a lot of time rolling around with Jake during the SF shenanigans weekend. He’s been uploading a few 35mm scans over at his Flickr. I loved the one of me riding the Icarus and this one of the Messenger Mansion.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Jake is legit with the 35mm! Loved his Yamaguchi photo set you posted also

    • Jake Ricker

      Thanks a ton!
      That seriously means a lot.

  • spud

    What kind of backpack is that?

    • http://theradavist.com John Watson

      Incase DSLR

      • http://twitter.com/axeyrcat Christopher Plaskett

        No longer rockin’ the ILE? Or was it too beastly for the trip?

        • http://theradavist.com John Watson

          The MKii is too big for how I packed this time.

    • Tyler Johnson

      Those incase are sick, Matt Spencer has one too and its fucking rad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tuckman226 Tucker Cullum

    the only thing keeping me from being 100% content with my Chrome Midways is seeing how happy you are in those Giro Privateers.