Marc and Kelli

These two kids are some of my favorite #FixieFamous celebs. Marc and Kelli are like a match made in Vice Magazine. When they’re not in sleeveless shirts, they’re kitted out in the hills of LA and SF. While Marc has been racing track (and looking for alleycats) the past few years, he’s just started branching off into road racing, which inspired Kelli to do the same. I caught up with these two, the day after a race and took some photos of them.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Kellimarie23

    Correction John, I had already started road before hand! Haha rad day!

    • John Watson

      Well, I can’t mention Kyle’s influence in a post about you and Marc!

  • Guest

    Paparazzo Prolly.  Weird transition to make.

    • John Watson

      Well, I can’t mention Kyle’s influence in a post about you and Marc!

  • Matt White

    last photo seals the deal, this hashtag fixiefamous stuff is too great, love the irony and lack of stuffiness of it all. Great and just fun set of photos. Plus those low frames are #craycray

    • Wade Schultz

       That photo seems like something my girl would do to me…

      • Li Man, No, Only Man

         I would kill you over absolutely nothing dude

    • Brian Kleiber

      Yup, last photo hit it home. Reminds me of my old lady…

  • Jamie McKeon

    she has m marino on her LOW? 

    • John Watson

      It’s Marc’s but she rides it.

      • Jamie McKeon

        5124% cute

    • Kellimarie23

      mines being built at the moment.

  • FYB

    That girl….sighhhh. <3

  • Woof Jakarta

    love this photo set.. bicycle and romance is too cute!

  • Muhammad S amien


  • latvian

    Front wheels valve isn’t straight on Kelli’s bike. #FixieFamous celebs can’t make mistakes like that.

  • Guest

    she rides his bikes, he wears her tshirts. amirite?

  • Cyclonesian this set!