Deal With it TV: Snow O’ Connell May 14, 2012

Matt Rice has been shooting video for Snow over the past few months and I gotta say, I really, really enjoyed this. It’s creative, ballsy and a lot different than a lot of the FGFS videos I watch. Snow makes damn good use of the environment and his smooth, 29’r style is fast and precise. Good job dude, I’m diggin’ it!

  • Steve Schwinn

    EB86!!  Looks at the world in a different way.  On 700s too!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This was sick. Matt did you film this on blades? It’s looks rad and super smooth, fast and low.

    • M∆TT R£Y£S

       I’m pretty sure he did, I don’t think he owns a board haha. Those low angles really added to Snow’s fast riding style.

      • Tyler Johnson

        I agree Chris Clappe and I were just saying how sick it would be to film with rollerblades. Easiest way. 

        • Snow

          Its really is because they are so much more maneuverable then a skateboard etc

    • EB86

       yes, blades, no boards.

  • Nick koo

    EB86! The man’s too creative

  • Tucker Cullum

    out of control

  • Fee

    this guy gets me so bumped to ride

  • Bma Andrade87

    probably one of the best fgfs videos i have seen. does anyone know what who was on the soundtrack? diggin the tunes

    • Snow

      1st song : Portishead – Over (instrumental)
      2nd song : Eight and a half – Scissors (tokimonsta remix)

      Both Chopped and edited by AWN

  • Chris from beyond

    WOW. This is an edit! Good riding, filming, music, layout, everything.

    FGFS needs to step it up all around after this! (no more I-phones please!!!!!!)

    This IS fixed gear freestyle.

  • sam

    F%&*ing bad ass, homie. Fast as hell! Ride it like you skate it!

  • neil


  • Epsilon Rock

    EB86! Snow is on another level. EB86 is on another level.

  • Tucker Cullum

    The next time someone asks me, “Why don’t they just ride BMX?”  This video will be my sole reply.


    hell ya snow! fast as fuck and timeless tricks! stoked big time!

  • matttttttttttt

    this is the most stoked i have ever been over fgfs

  • Burrito

    Best FGFS clip that I’ve seen so far. That was gnarly

  • Snow

    Thank you all for the good words. A lot of people worked hard to make this video happen with the collective goal of making something that would make you want to get on your bike and ride!

  • Eilif Knutson

    Creative and smooth. FGFS.