Superb Sprints in Stock Apr 9, 2012

Superb has just received their Sprint frames in stock. All colors and all sizes are in so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time to scoop one up. The matte black with gloss looks bad-ass.

  • jonathan awesome

    you could do a sick build with one of these, or you could go down the street to one of the many local frame builders and get a sicker build.

  • Dong Kasson

    Will the local frame builders make you a custom frame for $699, Jonathan AWESOME? Such helpful insight!

    • John Watson

      No but you can get a LOW for close to that price…

      • Christopher Plaskett

        If you have the patience to wait out the ~8 month lead time.

        I’ve been riding my Sprint since January (picture below was my shakedown run across the Brooklyn Bridge), so for me, that was the better option.

        • John Watson

          Oh, I know, I was just addressing the comment about not being able to get a frame made in the States for +/- $700. I think production frames are fine, and like you said, not everyone wants to wait.

      • Ben Newell

        My thoughts exactly!

        • Christopher Plaskett

          You keep bikes for less than 8 months!