Sizemore Bicycle: Matt’s Patinaed Road Apr 2, 2012

Before everyone freaks out, there is a difference between surface rust and deep pitting. Sure, over time, surface rust leads to pitting and structural failure but a little steel wool, some furniture polish or wax to seal it and you’re good as new. Patina is the best paint job nature can provide with you, as long as you do it right. This Sizemore is a perfect example. Matt’s training bike has seen some miles and it shows.

  • Pookums

    Every time I see a reference to a Sizemore frame I think to myself, “Wait, Tom Sizemore stopped acting and started building frames?”  And then I remember that it’s Taylor Sizemore, not Tom and I feel relief as I wish to continue enjoying Tom Sizemore’s acting prowess.

  • tommaso

    You can also copper plate a frame and then pee on it on purpose so that it oxidizes and turns green like the Statue of Liberty. No joke, looks awesome.

    • John Watson

      You would have to piss on it every day for 4 hours to make it
      patina. Unless you’re pissing Ferric Nitrate. Here’s a series of recipes for copper patina:

      • Adam

        Bring it over to the shop after I’ve had a pot of coffee.

  • Andrew Livingston

    Once you start working around carbon frames, you realize how much abuse a steel frame can take.  This bike looks sick by the way.  Just don’t scratch yourself on it.

  • David Mashburn

    i love how honest his bikes are. Great job Taylor. Cant wait to get mine.