SF #RideNStyle Weekend Randomness 02

Read this post in a groggy, hungover tone. Yesterday, I kicked around town before the Red Bull event started. TCB Courier now delivers wine, so I witnessed their Dominican delivering to some yuppies and then the rest of the day just flew by, leading into the RideNStyle kickoff. Check out more below.

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  • http://twitter.com/LvcDoom Luke

    Dr. Steve Brule… for your wine.

  • http://keepalbanyboring.com andrew

    15 is a vigorelli?

    • ScumbagSF

      I think it may just be a stripped mash frame. im pretty sure vigorellis have a cut out on the seat tube. 

      • Terd Ferg

        may as well be a Kagero…

    • http://lifeisagamewithoutresetbutton.tumblr.com/ Muhammad S amien

      it jason maggied raliegh maca frame, and it just stripped

  • guest

    That Cannon looks SUPREME!

  • http://eb86.tumblr.com/ Snow

    i thought i saw Edwin yesterday…guess i was right

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1615532017 Ryan Kates

    great shots

  • Steph

    What are those handlebars on number 15? I have seen them on a couple of bikes and have always wondered

  • http://twitter.com/bangeranng RoscoeGordo

    SUPREME sticker completely ruined the beauty of that Cannondale.

  • Piterpanda