I hung out with Chas from TCB Courier / MASH / #fixiefamous a lot in NYC during the Red Hook Crit weekend. He’s one of my favorite dudes to hang with. Why? He’s always down to drink, loves to talk shit to Crihs and his riding style is very photogenic. These few photos were taken on a quick ride through Brooklyn but are damn rad.

Edit: Gallery fixed!

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Parker Mullins

    Might be just me, but the photoset isn’t showing up…?

    • John Watson


  • Holymolaryerinlove

    what film is this?

    • John Watson

      I think it was 3200 TMAX

  • albertjque

    Zipping around brakeless with no foot retention? Only in everywhere else but San Francisco.

    • Sambo

      clipless spd shoes

      • albertjque

        Pretty sure those aren’t clipless spd. If they are, they’re the stylish ones I’ve ever seen (link me?). You can kinda see the sole in one of the photos and it doesn’t look like there’s a cleat.

        • John Watson

          they’re just sneakers…

    • Bryan Smith

      please, never leave your bubble. 

      • albertjque

        Calm down, just a joke.

  • Alex Spaulding

    Prolly, these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Deepinthewooods

    what kind of Time pedals?