Interview with David Trimble of Red Hook Criterium Race Apr 1, 2012

Lab8 from Milano interviewed Dave Trimble, founder of the world’s best track bike criterium, the Red Hook Crit. Dave talks about the races humble beginnings as a birthday celebration for him, the current state, Dan’s win and where he plans on taking it in the future.

Very nice Dave!

  • Kcwoodfield

    The prize bike is so pretty. That red cinelli.

  • RoscoeGordo

    LA? I’m there if it does come out here. Looks a lot more organized than Wolfpack lol

  • dagbert

    Crash at 3:36 looked pretty rough. Busted fork/head tube from when he got ran over – not from impact. 

  • Jake Ricker

    Really well done little short.
    I’d love to make it out to one sometime.