Ninja Cats: Ninjas in Paris Mar 12, 2012

Here’s a video put out by the non-stop FGFS crew in London known as Ninja Cats. These guys put new videos up weekly and the latest edit, featuring Sol and Oscar is not to be missed. Excuse the shaky camera throughout most of it and catch some of that creativity these two are known for as they shred spots in Paris. Some of this video is from a pegless jam where Oscar took first place, reppin Breakbrake 17 and Spike.

  • Sol_smith

    haha we filmed rode and edited this 3 days so the shaky camera was unstoppable

  • Rick Anderson

    sol goes so fucking hard, i dont think the dude gets enough credit. nollie bar, 180 grizz, shit fucks my head up

    • Sol_smith

       dude that means so much thanks dude

      • Sol_smith

         dude dude