Chrome Cardiel Travel Series: Episode 01 – ORP Mar 5, 2012

If you grew up skateboarding in the 90’s, this man needs no introduction. Cards is one of the Chrome family members and here’s the first video promoting his new bag line, the Cardiel Travel Series. Check out more at Chrome!

  • Tyler Axtell

    This excites me on more than one level. I already have a decent bag, but that daypack looks pretty sick.

    Plus it’s John fuckin Cardiel.

  • Charles Tuggle

    This looks like a terrific day pack. He jumps in the ocean, so I guess this bag is entirely waterproof? I have been looking for a new pack that needs to withstand the PDX rain. If anyone already has one, I would love some feedback. Cheers!


      Hey Charles,

      Yup! It’s entirely waterproof (seam-taped)!Thank for your interest. Swoop some more details here:

      • Charles Tuggle

        Wow, quick feedback. Thanks, Chrome!

  • Alex Pappas

    Cardiel will forever be the man.  After what he’s been through… seeing him on a bike is straight up inspiration.  “Take an Advil, CHARGE IT”