A Girl and Her Bike: Kelli and Her LOW Mar 5, 2012

Personal obligations sometimes get in the way of hanging out with friends but even if I only get to say hi for a few minutes, it’s worth it. During the Mash TT on Saturday, Kelli rode Marc’s LOW track bike and finished only 15 minutes behind the leading guy group. Unfortunately, she dropped her team in the process. Here she is, smiling ear to ear after a quick change out of the kit and into street clothes. Marc, when are you giving her your bike dude?

I miss all my Cali friends. Ride safe girl! For a higher-res file, click here.

  • zeeeeeee

    marry me kelli!

  • Timothy Pulleyn

    Out of interest is she wearing Vans with cleats attached or simply pushing of on SPDs?

    • She just took off her road shoes and kit and was kicking around in her vans.