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2012 NAHBS Day 02
NAHBS Day 02

The second day of the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle show was a madhouse. Walking up to the convention center, I was shocked to see the line wrapping around the block. Inside, the booths were crowded with bell-ringers, brake pullers, tire kickers and top tube tingers. As someone who tends to obsess over frame details, it was easy to document some bikes but the overall frame shots were a real pain. I managed to document a good number of builders, as well as some friend’s bikes. For now check out a photo gallery, featuring Richard Sachs, Yipsan, MosaicRebolledo, Della Santa and Sycip.


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2012 NAHBS Day 01 – Booths and People
2012 NAHBS

This year at the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, I wanted to spend the first day capturing the overall vibe of the booths. I meant to bring my tripod for some long exposures but left it at home. Instead, I ended up using the booths themselves, the ground and my lens cap to prop the camera up. While I don’t usually like low, wide angles, these actually came out pretty rad. Check the Gallery out below.


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Oh and There’s This

Here’s a quick shot of my Bishop road bike. While those aren’t my wheels, this is the build. I’m so stoked on how it came out and cannot wait to ride it. I’ll be posting more photos later. For a full-res version, click here.

Edit: This won best fillet brazed bike at the show.

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2012 NAHBS Preview


Well, I’m still in one piece and after a night of heavy drinking, I’m finally getting into the groove of things at the 2012 NAHBS. Here are a few shots from the show, with a gallery below. More to come but these will hold you over for a bit.


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2012 NAHBS Coverage on PiNP

It’s that time of year again, where I flip the switch into production mode. Last year’s NAHBS coverage was by far the most work I’ve ever done for the blog. This year, I’ll be doing my thing again, but a bit differently. I’m not going to go into it too much, but the content will be much easier to digest and easier to access.

For last year’s coverage, check out the 2011 NAHBS Category Archives and my entire Flickr Collection here. For this year’s coverage, I’ve added the 2012 NAHBS Category link to the top navigation bar.

Is there anything you’d like to see differently this year? Drop a note in the comments.

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2012 NAHBS Preview: Map Cycles – Mitch’s Disc-Ville


NAHBS is upon us and framebuilders across the country are unveiling their latest creations. One of the booths I’m looking forward to visiting is Map Cycles. Mitch’s work is impeccable and any builder that will show off their fillets on a show bike deserves some lens time. Check out more of Mitch’s Disc-Ville here, at his Flickr.

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2012 NAHBS Preview: Ellis Cycles

Every year, NAHBS brings out the best in a few choice frame builders. While some people do the same ol thing, year after year, people like Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles find those special projects to display. Last year, his bikes were some of my favorites and from the looks of this year’s offerings, he’s bringing his best, yet again. This stainless rando with S&S and his pink Di2 TT are sure to be show stoppers.

Check out more at Dave Wages’ Picasso galleries here and here.

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A Few 2012 NAHBS Teasers

NAHBS is just a week away and I feel like I’ve yet to recover from last year’s coverage. Those three days were hell for me (77 posts?!). Talk about burning a candle at both ends and I can’t complain because I just took photos.

The builders are the ones who have been putting in crazy hours. And from what I’ve seen on Flickr, they’re bringing their best this year. First up is this fender tease from Signal Cycles.

Check out more below.


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