Matt Lingo: Matt Spencer’s Got Ups Jan 19, 2011

Photo by Matt Lingo

I think we knew that Matt Spencer had ups before Matt Lingo posted this photo. That aside, DAMN. That’s an impressive tuck! Matt, I know it’s a bit of a stretch to ask this but I’d love to know where you places your strobes for this photo!

  • Matt Lingo
  • Morehart

    What’s with the blurring and stuff around Matt? I think fake.

  • Morgan Taylor

    Boosted! All it needs is a few groms cowering on their bikes as Spencer blasts over them.

  • prolly



  • callinbullshit

    No but seriously, if you open that bia in Photoshop you can easily see the cloned power lines behind him, phhhhhhake.

  • Q.V

    Maybe the viewing angle of my monitor is too obtuse, but the editing around him is showing.. a lot.

  • matt

    im actually suspended by wires haha

    thanks for the ups prolly and thanks for matt for taking this

    it was insanely hard hitting this because it was getting really dark

  • Matt Lingo

    Dear “callinbullshit”,

    Here, have the original raw and tell me it’s faked: .


    Matt Lingo

  • Morehart

    So weird. I checked on my MacBook and iMac and saw blurring. Looked at the original and no blurring. My machines must be effed.

  • Matt Bee

    So Sick!!!

  • marcs
  • callinbullshit

    Still, it looked shopped cause’ of the lens flare fix, alls you had to say was post processed and any photofag would back off. But seriously, theres a cloned lightpost in the fix, alls Im sayin.