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Recent Roll: 2011 NACCCs

Man, the NACCCs were a blast. Friends, both old and new came in from all over and while they weren’t racing, we were partying. As always, I had my party cam out in full effect with some expired TMax 100, which actually looks really, really nice.

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Loose Legs Road Ride!

Before the 2011 NACCCs here in Austin, I organized a road ride to loosen everyone’s legs up and show them a simple loop around the hill country. A quick rain shower made the roads dangerously sketchy, forcing some people home and others to slide across the asphalt. About 20 showed up to the ride and only 9 hung out till the end.

35mm Photos from the day can be found here:​2011/​10/​recent_roll_loose_legs_road_ri.php

Here’s our route:

Video by Lucas Brunelle!​videos/​

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Beautiful Bicycle: Chas’ Cinelli Mash Track

It seems as if people will forever idolize the beaten up track bike, especially when it’s propelled through the streets by Chas. The dude is a beast. I’ve seen him crush hills on his 44×16 geared Cinelli Mash track bike in SF and Austin. People act like there’s some secret formula to being able to ride hills fixed and there is: muscle. I took some quick photos of this beast at the 2011 NACCC.

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Recent Roll: Still

You’ve gotta love bike piles outside bars during big bike events. Here’s the scene outside the Liberty in East Austin during the 2011 NACCC. I’m surprised it came out as well as it did.

Ricoh GR1
Kodak Portra 160

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Recent Roll: Loose Legs Road Ride!

Man, what a rad time this was. We started out with about 20 people at the beginning of the ride and only 9 came with us to the springs. What started out as an idea to bring some out of towners on a chill ride turned into a slippery and shitty beginning stretch. There were two flats and one guy went down, sliding across the asphalt behind me. Soon the sun came out and the roads were dry enough to hammer and climb and that’s when it became fun. Chas and Jason did our loop on track bikes and Lucas Brunelle came along, cameras on head, capturing the entire ride.

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Beautiful Bicycle: Kenny’s Guerciotti Track

You know those people that change bikes more than you wash your jeans? Maybe that’s not the best example but you get the point. Kenny’s one of those guys. His beloved Raleigh made way for this beaten up Guerciotti track bike. Chipped and well loved, this beast propels thunder thighs around Austin on the daily.

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Beautiful Bicycle: Mattchew’s Cannondale Track


Matthew, aka Mattchew’s PDX Cannondale track bike has been getting a lot of love here on the blog and while I may not personally like these bikes, I always love a well-loved track bike. Out of all the bikes at the NACCC, this one had the most character.

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Beautiful Bicycle: Damian’s Milholland Track

I think my favorite part about the NACCCs was photographing all these beautiful track bikes. Whether they’re worn in Cannondales or in Damian’s case, one pristine Milholland pista, seeing these bikes in action and at rest made for perfect photo ops. Damian is from Portland and his Milholland was by far the nicest bike I saw this weekend.

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The 2011 NACCC in Austin – Day 03

Man. 2011 was the year to be a cyclist in Austin, Texas. First the NAHBS and now the NACCC. Last weekend was a blast and it’s safe to say that the 2011 North American Cycle Courier Championship was a huge success. On Sunday, a hungover mass of racers made their way to the Driveway to compete in the final event. I wasn’t working a checkpoint that day, so I managed to get a lot more photos. These six are just a sample of what awaits you below in a rather large slideshow.

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