Volume Bikes: The Future of Fixed? Dec 30, 2010


Volume’s joined in on the 26″ fixed versus 700c debated over on their blog. I put in my 2 cents but for the most part, the convo is pretty calm. If you wanna get in on it, head over to Volume’s blog.

  • Coop

    I was gonna chip in, but then my post devolved into musing about how good FGFS pros would be on more trick-conducive bikes so I just gave up.

  • ZZ

    I think you make a very valid argument for building different size frames around different size wheels. I for one wish I could find a 650c single speed for my wife. Why do manufacturers insist on trying to build their small frames around a standard size rim?

  • http://chrispiascik.com Chris Piascik

    I’d be miserable riding such a small bike fixed. That said I’d love to rip around on that bike with a freewheel.

  • http://therewillbepolo.blogspot.com Jerod Walz

    You don’t have to sacrifice size to ride 26’s fixed. The Fleetvelo Joust has been in production since 2008, runs 26’s, and while its practical application is bike polo, I believe fixed trick riders could do some amazing things with one of these frames.