The Wait is Over Dec 28, 2010


Well, you guys waited for these and I can’t apologize enough. These shouldn’t have taken this long to finish but New Era fell behind in scheduling and now, here they are, a few months late. Mishka received the order from New Era and will be shipping out everyone’s pre-order this week! I’ll have some to sell on the site after the new year for those who missed the pre-order.

Now’s a good time to email me ASAP if your address changed! Please include your order number and old address to streamline the process.

  • Mark

    these almost took longer than the Grime frames

  • Jake Martin


  • elmcitizen

    Still considering doing a flexfit cap as well? Maybe use the new logo or grey colorway?

  • prolly

    Will probably do a flexfit umpire cap in the spring.

  • Jake Martin

    John you have got to stop making cool shit for me to buy, or you’re going to bankrupt me.

    Oh, and there better be some viking stickers with my cap!

  • Todd

    Morrissey sez it’s about bloody time!


  • ptCT


  • David

    Just got mine, so fresh and so clean