Superb: Bella Biciclette Wrap Up Nov 15, 2010

Photo by Jesse Weiner

Superb’s Bella Biciclette was a huge success. With lovely photos by Jesse Weiner, people looking dapper and beautiful bicycles present, the event went off proper! Check out the recap at Superb!

  • scorch

    Heh, it just occurred to me – hrrundel basically ran low on cash and found a perfect way to sell some of his stuff without paying ebay fees?..

  • Jason

    Nope, the show was actually my idea. It was more to show off beautiful bicycles and bring enthusiasts together, than to sell anything, no one in Boston has any money anyway.

  • James

    Wow! that Takhion is absolutely stunning with two disc wheels.

  • scorch

    Looks like a perfect place to run business then, Jason? =)) Anyway, as much as i despise his bragging nature, i’d love to come see the show. good luck