Loose Nuts: Kareem Drop Rail Nov 21, 2010


Kareem went for the loco with his Four Loko Leader build today. From the Loose Nuts blog:

“As far as I know, no one has ever done a drop rail on a fixed gear. That is… until today. Kareem went out and got this photo with Trace Taylor on his newly built Mordecai. The whole team is putting in work right now filming for our first ever team video… be on the lookout its gonna be next level.”

Drop rail? Is that some rollerblader ish?

  • blader


  • michael

    is there a diff. btw. a drop rail and hand rail?!?!

  • Ronnie

    I’m pretty sure it is a rail with no stairs on the other side of it, just a drop to flat.

  • brad

    here is a pic of me doing a 10stair down rail about 6months ago……….


  • http://itswrahw.blogspot.com TT

    a drop rail has a drop off on the other side to flat.